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What do you see when you look at the moon? Do you see a face in the pattern of light and dark spots?


The people of ancient Scandinavia saw the faces of two children, known today as Jack and Jill. In this delightful spin on the famous nursery rhyme, the children climb a rainbow bridge to the sky and frolic with Mister Moon in his silver sky palace-and fill their pail with the magical moon dew that waters the fields and renews the earth.

Pre-K to Grade 2

Perfect for teaching about the lunar phases, the lunar surface, and the rainbow in traditional tales!  

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“This beautiful telling of an ancient legend perfect to encourage children's interest in learning about the moon, myths, and many other new things. ... The narration is enjoyable and harmonious, ... and the illustrations are magnificent and immerse the reader in their content. Jack and Jill and the Man in the Moon is a beautiful and loving tribute to the original Scandinavian legend.”   
                                   - Diana Lopez   Readers' Favorite

"Based on an ancient Scandinavian legend, this rhyming picture book tells an enchanting story accompanied by soft and colorful illustrations to dazzle your little one. When the people of ancient Sweden looked at the patterns of light and dark on the lunar surface, they saw not a "man in the moon" but two children, Hjuki and Bil. Read on to follow the kids as they climb a hill to fetch a pail of water and the moon sweeps them into the sky. A delightful, educational, and entertaining adventure." (Ages 3-8) 
        - Deb Greenberg,   Midwest Book Review


Mirror Child
Book One: The Woolgatherer

A child born in a mirage is bound to be extraordinary, and Faye Mirabelle is certainly that. Delivered to a miner and his wife, she grows up in the western canyons where she tries to live an ordinary life. But Faye is no ordinary girl, and she embarks on a journey through the Canyon of the Sun where the mortal and fairy worlds collide.  


The first in a three-book series, The Woolgatherer is a tale of myth and magic sure to enchant wishers and dreamers and anyone who knows how it feels to be different and to long for a place where they can truly belong.


Cover Design: Claudie C. Bergeron

gertrude-warner-finalist_award seal_Mirror Child.jpg

"Tamra Andrews' novel, Mirror Child: The Woolgatherer, is the first book in a fascinating fantasy series that pits the powers of the faeries against the destructive nature of humans. ... The plot is intense and well developed, attracting the reader's interest right from the beginning. ... Overall, this is a compelling story that will have young readers looking forward to the next book in the series."   
                            — Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite

Into the Canyon

Mirror Child_Map_final_.jpg

               Map by Claudie C. Bergeron

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About Tamra Andrews

Tamra Andrews is a children’s author and education writer who is enchanted with myths and legends of the natural world. For many years, she wrote radio scripts on historical astronomy and sky legends for NPR’s StarDate, an astronomy radio show produced by the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas at Austin. Later, she published two mythology encyclopedias and two teachers' guides, all of which include interpretations of myths and legends that explain the natural forces and how and why they moved the world.


In addition to writing books, Ms. Andrews creates reading passages and educational resources for students from K-12 through college. Many of them include adaptations of ancient legends that reflect the mystery and magic that exists all around us and that children of all ages struggle to understand.


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