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Mythology Encyclopedias 
Legends of the Earth, Sea, and Sky (2).jpg


 Nature Myths of World Cultures

       Grades 7 and up

"I think it would  be difficult to produce a more
interesting or more comprehensive collection of world
natural science mythology in only 300 pages....
The information is interestingly and clearly presented in
a writing style that is both engaging and instructional."
                                                 - Sky and Telescope

"Scholarship and an underlying intellectual passion shape this volume. For cogent discussions of creation myths, aborigine dreamtime, or ancient calendars, send young people here."   

                                       -  School Library Journal

"First and foremost, one is struck by the clear and concise writing style and the frequently quite colorful language. I think the writing style is accessible and interesting enough to capture the attention of even grade school children."


                                                  - H-NILAS




Reissued as

trade paperback


Oxford University Press

Dictionary of Nature Myths.jpg


"The writing reaches out to the reader from the 
first line of the preface.... Andrews produces
flowing, absorbing prose, as found in her story
of how  Kaldi, the Ethiopian goatherd discovered
the coffee berry.  Her research taps the less
familiar corners of world lore...."

                                                  - Booklist


“Now, for the first time, the magic properties and uses of food by both mortals and immortals as represented in the world's myths and legends are brought together and explained in Nectar and Ambrosia. This A-Z volume is filled with an abundance of exotic lore and legend.” 


                                                 - Goodreads

Nectar and Ambrosia (2).jpg
           Teachers' Guides 

"Examining natural phenomena through the lens of ancient
mythology and from the perspective of modern day science,
this unique book encourages students to appreciate the magic
in both myth and science. This twofold approach helps to
clarify the commonality of all human experience with nature,
across cultures and throughout time."

                                                                          -  Goodreads

Wonders of the Sky (2).jpg

The Science and the Myth

        Grades 4 - 8

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"Super information text for cross-curricular theme work ... This is an absolutely fabulously presented book. It feels good, looks good, and is a lovely size."

                                                  - School Librarian

"Intended for teachers and librarians to use with students

in intermediate and middle school grades, the book looks

at natural phenomena that occur in the air around us

--such as rainbows, snow, tornadoes, lightning, and thunder

--through ancient myth, and details the explanations of

modern-day science."


Wonders of the Air (2).jpg

"Designed for grades 4-8, the text coordinates such simple physical principles as popping corn to illustrate the source of thunder and charting cloud types with facts drawn from websites. The choices of materials are sensitive to the limitations of elementary and middle school science labs and to the needs of beginning teachers."

                                                  - Goodreads

*  Myths and legends live forever, but sources become obsolete. Updated sources for Wonders of the Sky and Wonders of the Air will be posted here soon. 

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