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The Mirror Child Series

Shadow on Concrete Wall

    Book One:
The Woolgatherer

A flighty and frivolous sand fairy... a castle hovering in air ... a mysterious couple in a cliff house.

The Woolgather tells the story of Faye, born in a pool of water in the desert and destined to journey through the Canyon of the Sun and return to the Land of Faerie, the place where she knows she belongs. 




Image by manu schwendener

    Book Two:
The Shipbuilder

Pirates, mermaids, and phantom ships ... sunken silver from gilded galleons, glistening under the sea ... a mysterious man who lives in the swamps.

The Shipbuilder tells the story of Jaxson, born in the wake of a ship and destined to be a pirate captain, commander of the Cutlass Bright, the grandest and most glorious ship that ever sailed Swashbuckler Sea. 




    Book Three:
The Skygazer

 Book Three:
The Skygazer

Dwarves, fairies, and falling stars ... stores of fairy copper hidden under the earth ...  a mysterious woman who lives in a cave.


The Stargazer tells the story of Namid, born in a meteor shower and destined to rule a city, a city hovering in the clouds that no mortal can ever reach. 



The Mystery and Magic of the Mirage

        A Pool of Water in the Desert ... A Castle Hovering in Air ...
        Scientific Phenomena or Faerie on Earth?


A mirage is an illusion, an optical phenomenon caused by the reflection and refraction of light in unique atmospheric conditions. Most modern travelers in the deserts and navigators on the seas know the phenomenon of the mirage, as did people in antiquity. Desert travelers commonly see illusions of glittering lands and glistening water, and sailors commonly see images of sunken cities and mountains and phantom ships sailing in the distance. 

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